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Surrendering To Success: Trusting The Process & Pivots In Entrepreneurship


Article Summary

Matt Gerlach shares his journey of stumbling into entrepreneurship and working with entrepreneurs in the baby product industry. He discusses the challenges and lessons he learned along the way, including the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. Matt emphasizes the need to trust the process and surrender to the unknown. He also highlights the significance of focusing on results and prioritizing actions that lead to success. Matt encourages entrepreneurs to avoid the trap of busyness and instead focus on what truly matters. Overall, his story serves as an inspiration for those navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.


  • Stumbling into entrepreneurship can lead to unexpected opportunities and personal growth.

  • Starting a business during challenging economic times requires resilience and adaptability.

  • Believing in your worth and setting boundaries are essential for success in entrepreneurship.

  • Focusing on results and prioritizing actions that lead to success is more effective than being busy with non-essential tasks.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #232). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 232: [Matt Gerlach] Surrendering To Success: Trusting The Process & The Pivots of Entrepreneurship


"You are worth the abundance you're building." - Matt Gerlach

"Being an entrepreneur takes a lot. A lot of strength, confidence, discernment, and much more. And when I first started, I didn't have all of that...but eventually learned." - Matt Gerlach

"The lowest hanging fruit is to work on the confidence first." - Matt Gerlach

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Entrepreneurship Success

"People have money. There is a buyer for everything but you have to match your product or service with the buyer." - Matt Gerlach

"Find the service that you love to provide and the people who want that service and focus on making it better and better and you'll have a great business." - Amanda McKinney

"I spent 5 years making things harder than it needed to be." - Matt Gerlach

"I've been to the hospital twice because I thought I was having a heart attack. But this led to changes in the way I worked." - Matt Gerlach

"One thing that has shifted and I've seen massive changes is surrendering. You can't do it all." - Matt Gerlach

"I thought the more I pushed, the more results I would have and I saw that for a while but I wasn't thinking about what it was doing to my body." - Matt Gerlach

"Our clients don't want us to be suffering." - Matt Gerlach

"You are worth the abundance you're building." - Matt Gerlach

The Process Of Surrendering Leads To Entrepreneurship Success

"It's hard in the beginning to put yourself out there and you have to accept that you're going to be bad at it for a while." - Matt Gerlach

"At first it's hard to put yourself out there but then that gets easier. Then it becomes 'I'm not doing this effectively.' So it's consistent learning every day." - Matt Gerlach

"But then you hit a point of surrender. You have to accept that you've done your best." - Matt Gerlach

"Entrepreneurship is a forced learning platform. You're forced to grow."- Matt Gerlach

"You need to be open to the pivoting and the feedback. When you are, you're going to be successful." - Matt Gerlach

"What we need to focus on is knowing what actions are needed to get the result we want and many times that will mean less tasks which might make us uncomfortable." - Amanda McKinney

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Take Away Message / Action

Ask yourself what you need to surrender in your business.

  • Is it control of an outcome?

  • Is it forcing a specific service that's just not working right now?

  • It is a specific marketing channel that isn't worth your time?

We all have to take action in our business but the key is to know what action will give you the results you're after and the rest needs to be surrendered. So what do you need to surrender today?

I'm cheering you on because whatever it is, when you let it go, you will feel lighter.

Until next time give yourself permission to surrender and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Matt:

Matt Gerlach is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, author, and coach who’s overcome adversity, emerging as an expert in personal transformation and alignment. Having become a leading entrepreneurship expert, Matt’s helped three global powerhouse brands explode beyond $100M in annual revenue before founding his consulting firm that’s helped build dozens of 7- and 8-digit businesses while earning $1 million annually of his own. Matt confronted his feelings that were making him feel broken, which forced him into introspection and self-discovery, enabling him to create a life of emotional and financial abundance. He leads The Abundance Activation Mastermind, which takes entrepreneurs through his signature program to total fulfillment and extreme emotional and financial abundance. He’s finishing his first memoir, which vulnerably chronicles his healing journey over the past seven years, where he learned that childhood trauma kept him from realizing his value and going after the life he truly wanted. Now that Matt has learned to trust his feelings and follow his intuition, he’s emerged triumphant with a life of profound clarity and firmly believes that each person possesses wisdom within themselves, and he is dedicated to empowering his clients to access that wisdom and overcome the obstacles that hinder their dreams from becoming reality.

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Ep. 232 - [Matt Gerlach] Surrendering To Success: Trusting The Process & The Pivots of Entrepreneurship

"You are worth the abundance you're building."

- Matt Gerlach


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