NICHE SERIES: Specializing Led To A $10K Presale with Libby Hinsley

Updated: Aug 8

If niching down feels tough for you, this was written for you! My guest, Libby Hinsley, talks about a successful experience of writing a book on her specialty, Yoga For Bendy People (hypermobility). But she also shares how this niche was actually in the periphery of her brain for a long time before she actually niched down as a yoga teacher. Her story is inspiring, she will make you laugh and I know you will be closer to your niche after hearing from her.

*Note: This is Part 2 of a 4-part series on the topic of Niching Down. Part 1 busts myths about niching down and Part 3 is another guest's example of niching and Part 4 is a Q&A.

Libby’s Process Of Niching Down As A Yoga Teacher & Physical Therapist

It’s easy for me to say “niching down is important” and you’ve likely heard it many times but it’s much harder to actually implement. As I asked Libby about how she decided on this specialty, it was great to hear her talk about how it came about for her.

She started to see the patterns in not only herself who was navigating a hypermobility issue but with her physical therapy clients as well as the yoga teachers she was working with. She then realized that she wanted to learn as much about this issue as possible and also raise the awareness of the issue in the yoga community.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #156. Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

How To Find Your Specialty As A Yoga Teacher

Libby shares that her specialty of focusing on hypermobility arrived over time through her own experiences as well as working with others. She also shares that it was always on the periphery of her work along the way but she didn’t specialize for a long time. She encourages yoga teachers to think about what’s on the periphery for you and simply start to explore that and see where it leads.

“Sometimes if you just follow a trail, it will lead you to your niche.” - Libby Hinsley

Making Your Specialty Memorable

Libby has hands-down been the best at making her specialty memorable! Regardless if you’re interested in hypermobility or understand why it’s happening, you will remember this because of the image here.

Libby shares how the zebra has become the unofficial mascot for hypermobility and she has allowed that to show in her marketing for her book and her specialty overall. And it’s awesome because you will remember it! It’s unique, it’s fun and playful and it allows you to recall this even if you don’t know all the details.

Marketing Can Be Uncomfortable But It’s Worth It

Most yoga teachers that I work with don’t feel comfortable with marketing or even the idea of marketing. That’s how they find me so if you’re thinking this today, you’re in good company!

“It pushed me way outside of my comfort z